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Hey! Just checking in here. How’ve you been?

No, how’ve you really been?

As the recent news has shone a spotlight on racism in the AAPI community, mental health has quickly become part of the discussion. Between coping with recent hate crimes and confronting stereotypes, we look to self-care and healing practices now more than ever to carry us through these times.

Your mental health + well-being matter. 

As May marks both AAPI Heritage Month and Mental Health Awareness Month, Lapcos and Mono B, both Korean owned and female founded wellness brands, are proud to be teaming up in the name of holistic wellness. Whether you prefer to unwind over a calming yoga session, a strenuous hike, a sheet mask over a glass of wine or a nightly skincare ritual...we’re here for you.

Let's break the stigma.

10% of all sales in May will be donated to The Asian Mental Health Collective, a non-profit organization working to destigmatize mental health within the Asian community. While building a community around mental health, AMHC strives to make mental health more approachable and accessible for those in the Asian community through projects like hosting a Facebook group, resource library, video web-series, and meetup groups. AMHC recognizes the importance and value of culture and traditions, and in their own words, AMHC believes, “in integrating our shared backgrounds with the progressive ideals of emotional well-being and mental health - expressing collectivist ideals while respecting the agency of the individual.”

As we move into May, we ask you to love yourself, take care of yourself and your loved ones. Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for help. And know that we’re here for you.

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