Mono B is a female-led, Los Angeles based athleisure brand.

We design our apparel with balance + inclusivity in mind.  We balance fashion with function and quality with cost.  We believe that moving your body and having a balance lifestyle is a necessity and not a luxury.  Find your balance with us and discover our world of athleisure.

Fashion and Function

Yes, they can coexist! We're constantly working to bring you fashion-forward prints and colors while never sacrificing quality or value. We always want you to look and feel your best while wearing your Mono B.

From Sleep to Street

Athleisure is the true versatile wear, whether for lounging (who doesn't love being horizontal), doing chores (is it laundry day already?), meditating (breathe in, breathe out), or hiking (conquer those terrains!). Some items are bolder than others, making it easier to dress based on your personality and mood. Some items were designed for high-intensity activities, while some are for relaxing.

Fashion Retailer's Best Kept Secret

Mono B was first established in 2010, producing young contemporary clothing. In 2015, Mono B started creating activewear to fill the market's need for trendy, functional, and affordable active apparel. For the past decade, Mono B has supplied apparel for women and men in thousands of stores across the US and abroad, from small, independent shops to giant retailers and gyms.