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Fast fashion & sustainability. Match or natch?  

Ah, the "we need to talk" section.

Sustainability and fast fashion don't go hand-in-hand. To put it simply: fashion pollutes and fast fashion pollutes, well... faster.

However, Mono B is up to the challenge.

We've sourced our 100% recycled polyester from one of the few companies in the world able to infinitely recycle polyester fiber without causing the loss of quality by using ECO-CIRCLE™ technology.

Our 100% recycled nylon fibers save energy up to 8.5% and water up to 84%, whilst reducing up to 77% of CO2 emission.

But there's more that all of us can do.
Mono B's Post-Consumer Polyester Lifecycle Chart and Pre-Consumer Recycled Nylon Lifecycle Chart

Small things grow to bigger things.

  • Take good care of your clothes

    You may not believe it, but even at our price point, each Mono B piece was created to last for years. Make sure you follow the wash instructions so you can wear your favorite Mono B item as long as possible. And remember, air-drying is always best, for both the environment and the apparel.
  • Donate & resell

    If you have a Mono B item you no longer wear but is still in a good condition, don't just let it sit in your closet collecting dust. Give it to a friend, a family member, or donate it.

    Some thrift stores are affiliated with a cause, find one that you believe in. You can even resell your pre-owned items. A little trivia: some of the biggest fashion brands began selling previously owned clothes.
  • Reuse & upcycle

    You don't need to be supercreative or have a sewing machine to turn a pair of leggings into a cleaning rag, and no, we don't mind! If your favorite Mono B leggings have shown some wear and tear, give them a second life by turning them into something new, like scrunchies or do-rags. 

Model lounging wearing Mono B activewear set