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Less Guilt, More Green

The late, great fashion photographer/historian Bill Cunningham said, ”The wider world perceives fashion as frivolity that should be done away with. The point is that fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life. I don’t think you can do away with it. It would be like doing away with civilization.”

And he’s 100% correct.

At its core, fashion is a way to express ourselves, from our habits to our secrets to what we feel in that very moment. Those matching athleisure separates that you’re wearing to the grocery store? They show your sporty, active persona. That pajama-snuggie you're so ready to bust out on cold nights? It proves that sometimes all you want is pure comfort (style be damned). That Breonna Taylor shirt you wear to work every week? It serves as a reminder that you care about her memories and legacy and millions of other black women in the US who face inequality and danger every day of their lives.

Meanwhile, there are documentaries about how much the fashion industry has destroyed the earth’s landscape and killed her inhabitants (watch Stacey Dooley Investigates, season 1 episode 7: “Fashion’s Dirty Secrets”). And we’re not kidding when we say fashion is the second-worst polluter, just behind the oil and gas industry.

This is why, as we’re celebrating Earth Day, Mono B wants to highlight our commitment toward producing eco-friendly and more sustainable pieces.

Technology has made it easier to create athleisure items (and even high-impact activewear pieces) that leave less carbon footprint. Mono B's recycled line was created using either post-consumer polyester or pre-consumer nylon, woven with an elastane such as spandex for a four-way stretch finish.

We've sourced our 100% recycled polyester from one of the few companies in the world able to infinitely recycle polyester fiber without causing the loss of quality by using ECO-CIRCLE™ technology. Meanwhile, our 100% recycled nylon fibers save up to 8.5% energy and up to 84% water, whilst reducing up to 77% of CO2 emission.

Less Guilt, More Green

If that’s not enough, here are some more tips to help reduce our negative impact on the environment:

  • Your Mono B pieces should last for years. Make sure you read the care label for washing instructions and if you can, avoid tossing the laundry into the dryer. This is better for both the clothes and the environment.
  • Bored with your clothes? Don’t just let them hang in the closet or sit in the drawer. Earn some cash (and e-commerce skills) by reselling them or get a future tax deduction by donating. One of the most basic ways to love your clothes is by wearing them and showing them off. If you’re no longer using them, let someone else enjoy them.
  • If your clothes are no longer fit for donation, give them a second life by turning them into something else. Don’t have a washing machine? Not a problem. Polyester and nylon fabrics make good wiping towels because they dry fast and are extra soft. Have a sewing machine? Turn those damaged leggings (with a super cute print) into a bikini and you’ll be pool-ready in no time. Here’s a challenge: take those scissors and shred your damaged leggings or sports bra and use them to re-stuff your furry friends’ bed.

Have more ideas? Use the hashtag #mymonob on Instagram to show us the cool and exciting ways you wear, recycle, and up-cycle your Mono B pieces.

Lastly, we're excited to let you know that we're finalizing The Mono B Recycling Initiative where you can send us your Mono B pieces, regardless of its age and condition, so we can give them a second chance. Details are coming and we'll keep you posted once we have them sorted out! 

Thank you for celebrating Earth Week by renewing our commitment to our planet. 


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