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Just like delicious slices of pancakes, waffle-woven clothes can also warm your body.

The secret is in the way the fibers were woven. Whether macro or micro, waffle-woven fabrics have distinct textured grid patterns in the shape of square or diamonds. Both the warps and wefts outlining these squares or diamonds are raised, whilst the floats from the ridges toward the center are gradually decreased. This three-dimensional grid helps trap body heat under the fabric, thus forming a warm layer over the skin.




This is why this type of knit started as a popular thermal undergarment, especially during fall and winter months. 

In addition to its insulating properties, waffle-woven fabrics are also highly absorbent, and (like almost all knit fabrics) have a bit of a stretch that make them extra comfy - perfect as a loungewear. 




Mono B's newest waffle collection (from hoodie pullovers to longline tops) come in both essential colors (black, white, grey) and our limited seasonal Spring Summer 2021 colors that you can pair with our leggings or lounge bottoms in matching colors. 



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